FC Goa

From being constant favorite in first two seasons to 9th placed team in last season, FC Goa has faced both the aspects of the game so far, but yet to win a title. May not be the title of Champion but The Gaurs has the title of most accumulated wins in the league. So far FC Goa reached Semi finals total Six times and finals twice; it’s only the luck that kept them from winning the title.

Carlos Pena, head coach of FC Goa is all set to turn the tides of luck and claim the title. So far he had came up with few existing singing for 2022-23 season. That was Indian Super League 2022 Schedule, overview of FC Goa now take a look at their transfers and previous season results.


INs: Alvaro Vazquez, Iker Guarrotxena, Arshdeep Singh, Fares Arnaout, Marc Valiente, Noah Sadaoui, Ayush Dev Chhetri.

OUTs: Alberto Noguera, Ivan Gonzalez, Airam Cabrera, Alexander Jesuraj, Christy Davies, Dylan Fox, Danstan Fernandes, Amarjit Singh, Naveen Kumar.

Last Season Standing – 9th Place

No of ISL Titles – None

FC Goa Squad 2022-23

Goalkeepers: Dheeraj Moirangthem (1), Arshdeep Singh (13), Hrithik Tiwari (55).

Defenders: Sanson Pereira (2), Anwar Ali (4), M. Fares Arnaout (5), Leander D’Cunha (6), Marc Hernandez (8), Seriton Fernandes (20), Saviour Gama (21), Aibanbha Dohling (27), Lesly Rebello (43).

Midfielders: Noah Wail Sadaoui (7), Brandon Fernandes (10), Princeton Rebello (11), Ayush Dev Chhetri (14), Phrangki Buam (16), Makan Chothe (19), Redeem Tlang (22), Eduardo Bedia Pelaez (23), Glan Martins (25), Iker Guarrotxena (34), Brison Fernandes (42), Muhammed Nemil (44), Lalremruata Pialtu (78).

Forwards: Devendra Murgaonkar (29), Alvaro Vazquez (99).

Manager: Carlos Pena.

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