Learn Everything About Football – Basic Rules & all 4 Roles

Football Roles, Rules, Rankings

This article is dedicated to football, where we will help you Learn everything about football and Best 3 footballer in the World 2024. So soccer or football is the worlds most popular and watched sport. Also named association football is played between two teams of eleven players each. It is governed internationally by FIFA, the governing body of soccer worldwide, who run World Cups and organizes the rules of international matches. This article is about how to play soccer for beginners, so lets get into the post without further delay.

Everything about football

Football usually played between two teams of 11 players, where the both teams objective is to put the ball into the other teams net. There are also other aspects of the game like free kick and cards. If a team commits a foul during play, the opposing team may choose to take the kick themselves or allow the referee to decide where to place the ball. The referee can also show cards depending on the severity of the foul. Yellow cards means warning and red cards forces player to leave the field. And at the end of the time the team with most goals wins. Each player of the teams has different roles to play, some defend some create and some scores goals. It is distinguished in total four basic roles. All of them work together as a team to secure victory. Now we will discuss about all the roles briefly below so you get a more clear picture. Also we will name 3 of the best footballers in the world in 2024 ranked for every position.

Football Roles, Rules, Rankings

To discuss from football roles, rules, rankings to everything about football we will start with Roles 1st and with it rankings and lastly some important rule. We at Sports Culture figured that’s the most convenient way to learn everything about football.  Football is team sport thus each players has their own roles to play in their respective positions.

Learn Everything About Football

As we mentioned whole field is covered in 4 basic positions. Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder, Forwards. Lets start our in respect of the above order.


Goalkeeping is the most important role in the game. A goalkeeper is the only player on the field whose sole job is to prevent the opposing team from scoring. Their primary responsibility is to defend their goal using their hands, feet, head, and any other parts of their body they can reach.

Best 3 Goalkeepers in the World

  1. Thibaut Courtois – Real Madrid
  2. Alisson – Liverpool
  3. Marc-André ter Stegen – FC Barcelona


Defenders are the last line of defense for their side. They are primarily tasked with protecting the net and preventing the opposing team from getting past them. These are basic position of defense – Central Defense, Right Back, Left Back, Right Wing back, Left Wing Back.

Best 3 Defenders in the World

  1. Rúben Santos Gato Alves Dias – Manchester City
  2. David Alaba – Real Madrid
  3. Josko Gvardiol – Manchester City


Midfielders are the second line of defense for their team. They are also responsible for creating offensive moves. Defending their own end of the field, marking the opposition’s best offensive threats, and assisting the defenders in winning back possession and aiding their forwards in scoring goals are the responsibilities midfielders has.

Best 3 Midfielder in the World

  1. Kevin De Bruyne – Manchester City
  2. Bernardo Silva – Manchester City
  3. Pedri – FC Barcelona


Forwards or stickers are the ones who are responsible for scoring the goals or creating one. They positioned nearest to the opposing team’s goal. Forwards are more often most celebrated players. Forwards has to be quick in decision making, fast and skill full.

Best 3 Forwards in the World

  1. Kylian Mbappe – PSG
  2. Erling Haaland – Manchester City
  3. Harry Kane – FC Bayern München

Football in a Nutshell

Everything About Football

To learn everything about football, its best to start from basics. Which is duration of each game. Football is 90 minute game starts off by referee’s whistle. A goal is scored when a player kicks the ball into the opponent’s goal. After the match the team that comes out victorious gets three points or they are tied then one point is given to both teams in league and group system. For knockout system winner gets to pass to next round. Thus if a team scores first, they get a better chance of winning. Although If the score remains tied at the end of regulation time which is 90 minutes, then some injury time is added. But if that also doesn’t works then there is extra time. Extra time is basically two halves of 15 minutes game time. The team that wins the coin toss chooses whether to take the first shot or let the other team have the first chance. At the end of extra time if a team gets ahead of goal then that decides the winner. But if neither team manages to score during extra time, then match goes to a penalty shootout.

Penalty Kick

When taking a penalty kick, the kicker stands about 15 yards from the goal and aims for the middle of the goal. The kicker must make contact with the ball with his/her foot. If the ball does not go in, the kick is retaken immediately. If the kick is successful, the goalie must attempt to save the kick. If he fails to do so, the kicker wins the point.

So that would be it in our brief discussion on “Everything About Football”. In this article we explained all the position, basic rules and best players of each roles in 2024. We hope we answered “how to play soccer for beginners” question. Let us know about our choice best footballers in the world in 2024, if we missed anyone. Keep visiting us we will give you more insights of this beautiful game. You can also connect us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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