East Bengal FC

The last two season’s performance of East Bengal FC wasn’t what we expected from one of the oldest and successful club of India. They finished 9th and 11th because of clubs inner problems, which was highly unlikely from one of the giants of Indian football.

Putting past behind Red & Golds are all set to come back under former National coach Stephen Constantine. The veteran coach reshaped the club with 17 new singings and 22 releases, although he cleared that the fans should not expect highly this season too but also assured that they won’t be finishing last this season. That was the East Bengal FC Overview now let’s take a look at the Schedule, Transfers, records, and East Bengal FC Squad 2022-23.


INs: Souvik Chakrabarti, Mohamad Rakip, Alex Lima, Pawan Kumar, Sarthak Golui, Naveen Kumar, Mobashir Rahman, Lalchungnunga, Jerry Lalrinzuala, Cleiton Silva, Aniket Jadhav, Eliandro, Himanshu Jangra, Jordan O’Doherty, VP Suhair, Charalambos Kyriakou, Ivan Gonzalez.

OUTs: Mohammed Rafique, Arindam Bhattacharja, Raju Gaikwad, Sarineo Fernandes, Lalrinliana Hnamte, Sourav Das, Sankar Roy, Rahul Kumar Paswan, Loken Meitei, Songpu Singsit, Fran Sota, Suvam Sen, Hira Mondal, Franjo Prce, Siddhant Shirodkar, Darren Sidoel, Balwant Singh, Bikash Jairu, Joyner Lourenco, Saikhom Goutam Singh, Romeo Fernandes, Antonio Perosevic.

Last Season Standing: 11th Place.

No of ISL Titles: None

East Bengal FC Squad 2022-23

Goalkeepers: Kamaljit Singh (1), Pawan Kumar (13), Naveen Kumar (32).

Defenders: Mohamad Rakip (2), Ivan Gonzalez (4), Lalchungnunga (5), Sarthak Golui (16), Jerry Lalrinzuala (17), Ankit Mukherjee (19), Pritam Singh (33), Nabi Khan (34), Tuhin Das (37), Charis Kyriakou (40).

Midfielders: Aniket Jadhav (7), Amarjit Kiyam (8), Wahengbam Luwang (12), Alex Lima (14), Mobashir Rahman (15), Souvik Chakrabarti (23), Jordan O’Doherty (24).

Forwards: Sumeet Passi (6), Eliandro Dos Santos (9), Cleiton Silva (10), VP Suhair (11), Himanshu Jangra (18), Thongkhosiem Haokip (26), Naorem Singh (29).

Manager: Stephen Constantine.

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