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Qatar world cup tickets price is on fire, Here is why!

As we all know 2022 FIFA world cup is being hosted by Qatar. And reportedly the Qatar world cup tickets price is going sky high at the moment. The cost of average ticket price has grown 40% from last world cup which was hosted by Russia in 2018. Generally this has become worrisome news for the football fans around the globe, for those who are already landed in Qatar or planning to do so. Although fans have confirmed that this won’t stop them from going to the stadium and enjoying the most popular sport on the planet.

2022 Qatar World Cup Tickets Price

Qatar world cup tickets price

Qatar world cup is considering as the most costly world cup till now. The average price of tickets this world cup is 286 pounds (27 thousands INR) which is 72 pound more than Russia world cup. The average tickets price of Russia world cup was 214 pound (20 thousands INR). Although there are many reasons for surge in Qatar world cup ticket price.

Why Qatar World Cup Tickets Price is High?

According to the experts Qatar had to go through heavy spending just to host the FIFA world cup 2022. Qatar built Six new stadiums and Two new practice grounds for this mega event. Although these stadiums came in the cost of Three Billion Dollars (24 thousands crore INR), which is one reason for costly tickets.

In addition they had to upgrade their whole infrastructure, including roads, airports, and medical facilities etc. to ensure a successful world cup. And we can only imagine these didn’t came cheap. Now we know why the Qatar world cup tickets price are on fire. But no matter what, this won’t stop the football fans from cheering for their teams in the stadium. And we at Sports Culture also looking forward for an epic world cup this year. What are your thoughts on the topic, let us know?

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